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Lovely Protector

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This rendering of a beautiful woman with her arm reaching around the small depiction of a two-steeple church building is reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha's other work dedicated to honoring and sharing Christianity through his art. Clothed in sumptuous robes, the woman wears an ornate collection of large blooming flowers across her scalp above her single braid. The artist's use of hierarchical scale denotes the importance of the woman in her role as protector of the Church. With a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Jiri Mucha. Alphonse Mucha created these images and his son Jiri Mucha, provided general supervision of the printing of this museum-quality lithographic poster. These certified posters were produced by a printer approved by Jiri Mucha, from hand-drawn plates in 1982 on satin finish, 100% rag paper, similar to the original panneaux used by MUCHA.