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Upside Down President

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Artist Statement on Artwork: 

I began this piece during the impeachment trial. Each section and concept progressed slowly to exhibit the truth of the character. I drew sections on a large steel plate; the parts, like the hands becoming claws, were ideas that came to me as anger guided the work. The abstract expressionist figure was formed in pieces as the form organically grew as the weeks went by slowly allowing creative time to determine the final shapes, heating and bending the body parts to express the complete dissonance from head to feet of a corrupt human being ruled by the instincts of a selfish animal. His head with dyed hair rests on simulated oil and gas drill supporting his favorite industry. Everything about him is Upside Down. He does not know right from wrong. He barks and tweets impulsively and flips truth and fiction as if it were his property. He tries to sweep-up “dirt” on rivals as his hair sticks out like a broom. His private part is symbolically twisted, it depicts his history of abusing women. He stands camouflaged wrapped in the American Flag He uses patriotism as a crutch to hide his true intentions of wanting to control policy for his selfish goals rather than the nation’s good. - Paul Cahan 2020